Wow 1 Day Painting

Project Background:

WOW 1 Day Painting built its business on the promise of providing customers a quality paint job in just 1 day. To reinforce that message, I proposed a unique & tailored collaboration: a 'live stream' of the painting of the main hallways in my home over the course of one day.

Creative Process:

Leading up to the live stream, I teased out content on my social channels. I shared paint colour polls and Before photos and encouraged followers to come back and watch the live painting.

All "live" content was pre-recorded, vetted by the client, and uploaded and shared to their Instagram stories at specific times throughout the day. I took photos of the Wow 1 Day Painting team and recorded five video segments showcasing my home before, during, and after the painting. I also recorded Q&A's with the project team manager on site to address common homeowner questions.

A blog post and social media content was shared after paint day to highlight the transformation.


✓ The SEO-optimized blog post continues to be a top result for "Wow 1 Day paint review" queries.

✓ The live stream content was saved as a highlight on the Wow 1 Day Painting Instagram account, providing social proof of the brand's promise