Project Background:

As a long-time collaborator with Metrie, I was very familiar with their moulding products and had used them throughout my home.

To provide valuable information to their audience, and to explore different uses of Instagram, I approached Metrie with the idea of a six-week Metrie Masters series.

Occurring weekly on Metrie's Instagram stories, the objective of this collaboration was to share product knowledge and provide design inspiration to Metrie's followers. Following the success of this initial series, Metrie continued the Metrie Masters concept with other influencers and trade partners.

Creative Process:

I presented Metrie with suggested topics for each episode along with a storyboard. The episodes featured a mix of video, infographics, and still photos which I edited into 4-6 Instagram story segments. I shared product knowledge, design ideas, and installation tips for a variety of Metrie products.

Client Feedback:

"We loved the videos you made for the Metrie Master’s series! We’ve had great feedback and were so happy with how everything turned out. We learned a lot during the process as well. One thing we that we were talking about is keeping the videos to 60 seconds, in the future, as we saw a little bit of a drop off after that point. However, the content that you covered is pretty complicated and it takes time to explain. So that is something we may consider if we did a series like this in the future. But overall you explained the concepts perfectly and made it very easy to follow along.

We did want to say how fabulous you were to work with and as always we would love to work with you again in the future!"

~ Justine Kestner, Associate Digital Manager, Metrie