Let’s create your dream home.


"Creating a pretty home shouldn't be this difficult", she thought. "I've read all the blogs, saved inspiration on Pinterest, and watched the HGTV programs. I've tried the DIYs and purchased the same products I've seen online. And still, home doesn't feel quite right."

You're ready to create the home you've always dreamed of

You've seen all the beautiful homes out there on Instagram and blogs and Pinterest and want that for yourself.

A place that reflects your style and unmistakeable taste. Rooms that function for the way you and your family live. Spaces that energize you, inspire you, calm, comfort, and protect you.

But how do you bring your vision to reality in a way that feels easy
and without a big $$ investment?

  • You have NO idea where to start. You have lots of inspiration but no clear direction on how to make it all happen
  • You have a fantastic sense of style but you're not a designer. How can someone create a beautiful home without Sarah Richardson skills?
  • You have no time. You'd love to be decorating but work, school, cooking, cleaning and a million other things take priority
  • You're worried you'll spend all this time and money... and end up with a room you (or your significant other) still don't love

It feels SO overwhelming. Maybe a gorgeous, livable, functioning home
just isn't in the cards for you.

But here's the truth: You have everything you need to create a beautiful home. You just need a bit of guidance and a plan for action.


  • Having a place that you LOVE coming home to, decorated in your own individual style
  • Living in a well-functioning home that meets the needs of your entire family
  • Enjoying rooms that are comfortable, easy to maintain, and organized
  • Knowing what you like and decorating with confidence
  • Instead of feeling that your home will never be perfect, you feel that it is finally just right



e-Design is a facilitated process that empowers a homeowner (like you!) with the knowledge needed to create the space you want - with ease, confidence, and on budget!

It's not just about putting pretty accessories together. For magic to happen, you need to dig deep into the details - how a room functions for your family, how it flows with the rest of your home, how the materials and colours and textures make you feel. I think of design holistically. Architecture, scale, proportion, space planning, decor, and budget are equal ingredients in my design recipe.

Whether addressing small design dilemmas, working with existing furniture, or brainstorming an entire blank slate, the process starts with you. Starting with your list of design must-haves, and combining that with knowledge about the way you live, we'll create a space that ticks all the boxes and provides a stylish backdrop to your beautiful life.

What Our Clients Say

What a wonderful service Jennifer provides for her clients! I have long followed Jennifer's blog and have admired her design sense. So when it came time to update our daughter's rooms to suit their changing needs, I knew who to contact. I had already purchased most of the furniture but had trouble pulling the final decor pieces together and knowing what to buy. Jennifer's designs were just what we were looking for, and she was able to keep everything within our budget. Everything was easy to visualize with mood boards, and I could click the links provided to make the purchases. I will not hesitate to contact Jennifer again; she was a pleasure to work with on this project.

Alison R.

I was very pleased with my Instant Advice consult. I found Ramblingreno on Instagram and have always admired her work. Jennifer's questions allowed me to narrow my decor focus. She listened and seemed to understand my tastes and lifestyle. She provided a wealth of information in a short period of time. Her eye for design and professional demeanour has allowed me to execute my vision."

Siobhan B.


Choose just the services you need, or connect with us for a custom solution

Instant Advice
$100 USD/$150 CAD per hour

Do you have a simple design question that needs answering? Are you in need of a savvy design opinion, or a point towards the right resource or product? No elaborate design boards or floor plans with this service – just a one-on-one virtual video call where we can address your most pressing needs and eliminate your design obstacles. This service is ideal for:

  • Suggestions on placement of art, furnishings, and room layout
  • Feedback on in-progress design updates
  • Ideas on where to source products or services online, or locally in Toronto
  • A seasoned perspective on your space so you can move forward with more confidence in your choices

How it works:

We will meet for a 1 hour Zoom video call. During that time, you can walk me virtually through your space or talk about your design questions. I'll provide specific advice to get your design dilemmas resolved quickly and easily.

Design To Go
from $275 USD/$350 CAD per room

This affordable option focuses on designing your space remotely and clarifying a design direction. This service is suited for a client who:  

  • Has a limited budget  
  • Has a general idea of the design style or missing elements needed to complete their room
  • Has been planning their project but is questioning their decisions
  • May have a floor plan or room layout already provided by a designer or architect but needs help picking out the furnishings specified
  • Can take ideas and implement them on their own  

Rooms up to 200 sq ft $275 USD/$350 CAD Rooms over 200 sq ft $375 USD/$450 CAD

How it works:

Step 1: You will fill out a questionnaire, provide me photos and measurements of your rooms, provide a list of items and furniture that you'll be reusing, share any inspiration photos you have, or details on what you've been considering.

Step 2: I will

  • Create a concept vision board with up to 12 elements
  • Identify suggestions for paint, furniture, decor, and layout

Step 3: I provide you an online folder containing the vision board and itemized list of recommended furniture, paint, textiles, and decor. Via email, you can provide feedback and request alternatives for up to 3 items.

You'll leave with a clear vision and understanding on how to move your design forward.

Complete e-Design
from $450 USD/$600 CAD per room

This complete e-design service provides you the comprehensive plan you need to layout, furnish, and decorate a room. This package is suited for a client who:

  • Is struggling with where to start
  • Has a budget but needs help sourcing items and pulling together a cohesive look
  • Doesn't have time to hunt for products. Wants to have a perfectly curated list of everything you need to buy
  • Would like the opportunity to provide feedback and request a revision or additional options

Rooms up to 200 sq ft $450 USD/$600 CAD Rooms over 200 sq ft $550 USD/$750 CAD

How it works:

Step 1: You will fill out a questionnaire, provide me photos of the room and adjoining rooms to give me a sense of your style. I'll supply a measuring guide so you can also provide measurements of the rooms. You will create and share a Pinterest board of images that inspire you and share details on what you want to do with the space.

Step 2: I will

  • Provide a 2D floor plan and 3D video walk-through of the space
  • Create a concept vision board (plus up to one revision)
  • Working within your budget, I will create an itemized list with online links to furniture, paint, fabric, accessories, and décor    
  • Provide inspiration photos for design details

Step 3: We will meet for a 1 hour Zoom video call. We'll review the vision board, floor plan, and product list. If there are elements that are not quite right, I'll tweak the vision board and provide you a revision. From there, you implement the plan on your own as time and budget permits.

Complete eDesign is a great way to get a detailed design plan in hand and see a visual of room elements all together, giving you a sense of how a finished room would look. 

The Fine Print: All prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Isn't this information already available for free online? Do I really need to make this investment?

What if I told you e-Design saves you time, money AND energy? Consider this the shortcut you've been waiting for. Say goodbye to buying (and returning) things you like but don't fit, don't work in your space, or don't look good with the rest of your home. No more second-guessing your design choices, stalling and waiting until 'someday' to have a home you love. Eliminate unknowns by having a clear, worry-free plan in hand - before you buy a single thing.


Hi. I’m Jennifer.

Since 2007, I’ve been creating environments that bring joy and sharing them online. As one half of the power-tool wielding couple behind the blog Rambling Renovators, I'm known for my timeless style, meticulous attention to detail, and impressive DIYs.

My work has captured the attention of design heavyweights, readers, and followers. I've appeared on The Nate Berkus Show and CityLine, have been featured in the pages of Style At Home, Better Homes and Gardens and more.

My obsession is to balance function + form, and help homeowners create personalized environments that enhance the way they live.


Don't you deserve to live in a home you absolutely love?
Stop dreaming about it and make it happen