Covers & All

Project Background:

Impressed by my personal purchase of their outdoor cover products (products I knew my audience of home & decor enthusiasts would appreciate), I approached Covers and All to see if they would be interested in collaborating on sponsored content.

A D2C global brand, Covers & All was eager to increase brand awareness in the Canadian market. This would be their first paid influencer collaboration.

Creative Process:

Covers & All did not have experience with a multi-channel social media collaboration so I pitched a partnership based on my expert knowledge of what would resonate with the home decor consumer. I proposed a content strategy that focused on timeliness and shareability of content. Key to our success would be the ability to provide content about outdoor furniture covers at exactly the moment when homeowners were setting up their patio furniture.

In addition to blog content, I created a highly valuable and shareable Instagram reel that went viral (over 17K views, 59 shares and 270 saves). To maximize results, I provided the client copy and scheduling recommendations for posting and sharing on their channels. In addition, as Covers & All wanted to share the content on TikTok, I provided advice on the setup of their new TikTok account and best practices for engagement and community building.


This collaboration was a huge success in all respects. The content resonated with audiences and generated significant traffic and brand awareness for Covers & All in the desired Canadian market.

Continued views, saves, and shares of the content indicate the exceptional value of the content. Covers & All will be top of mind when customers are ready to make a purchase:
✓Instagram reel with 17,471 views, 406 likes, 59 shares, 270 saves which continues to climb three weeks after posting

✓Instagram feed post with 159 likes, 14 shares, and 35 saves

✓ Six-segment Instagram story with 800+ impressions, retention rate of 80.3% and 159 sticker taps to the @Coversandall profile

✓ 778 TikTok views, with 73% from Canadian viewers

Client Feedback:

"Indeed, the collaboration is really fruitful for both of us. Thanks for sharing your TikTok performance as well.
Let us know if you have any future events for our Brands (Covers&All and BannerBuzz). We look forward to such a good collaboration. :)

~ Naveen Sharma, Assistant Manager, Affiliates/Partnerships, Covers & All